About Us

The Sweat Collection is an innovative athleisure brand founded in Orange County

Who We Are

The Sweat Collection is a US made athleisure company founded in Orange County, CA. Our collections, SHINE and SWEAT, have opened the door for fashion to meet fitness and functionality. With an emphasis on hard work, hustle, ambition, and dedication, we understand the importance of creating multi-purpose attire that can adapt to any moment of your day. Our products are built for fitness and designed for the streets.

Our name, The Sweat Collection, comes from the desire to dress a community of people that understand the importance of ambition, hustle, hard work, dedication, and execution. The word sweat should be idolized as it embodies all these characteristics. No matter what you do, if you are working hard, you sweat. It doesn’t matter how or why you sweat, what is important is that you do. That is how our name was derived. Our focus is on encouraging people worldwide to join our movement.

What We Do 

Our design approach is a combination of style, performance, comfortability, functionality, and simplicity. Our products are intended to illuminate the aesthetic figures of our customers. We believe that if you look and feel good, you perform even better. 

We promise to stay true to our core values of passion, quality, innovation, accountability, and satisfaction. We are passionate about active, healthy, and happy lifestyles, and truly live what we preach. We provide our customers with undeniably high-quality apparel that adds convenience, versatility, and style to their wardrobes. We are on an endless pursuit of innovation, which will keep us one step ahead of our competitors. We hold ourselves accountable and we expect our customers to as well. We always operate with our customers in mind and put forth our best efforts to ensure satisfaction is met. Our passion to grow, serve, and satisfy our customers sets us apart from the rest. We are the pioneers of this new generation of athleisure and will pave the way for the future.

Our Mission

 To unite fashion, fitness, and functionality to meet the demands of the modern day go-getter.

Our Vision

We will create an engaged community that promotes self-betterment. We are on an endless pursuit of excellence. The possession of ambition, hustle, hard work, dedication, and execution are essential in all aspects of life. Our goal is to look and feel good, and perform even better.

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